My name is Hendrik Klaver and I work with people (mostly) in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who might not consider themselves very religious but who are happy to explore what the Christian faith has to offer in their every day lives. In normal times, you’ll often find me in the local cafés meeting with people for coffee and talking about life and faith.

This global pandemic is having a big impact on everyone. Apart from the practical implications, I discovered it is also impacting on my own spiritual well-being. I find it is now more of a challenge to stay physically and spiritually fit. 

Even though we can’t meet physically, I’d love to support you and others who would like to connect at this challenging time. This is an online platform to support you in your spiritual well-being through this crisis. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. We’ll get through this time together!

We love working with people and organisations in the local community such as the Ryedale Covid19 Help Network and others who are doing an amazing job in practically supporting people through this pandemic. 

We are part of the Church of England. I am based in Malton at St Michael’s in the Marketplace and St Mary’s Old Malton and work closely with St Peter’s in Norton and other Churches in Southern Ryedale which are part of Churches Together.  

Coronaprayers Southern Ryedale is supported by the Multiply Reach initiative of the Diocese of York.