We are living in strange times.
2020 has been a very strange and quite challenging year. 
The pandemic isn’t over yet, but we have started to hope and long for the new normal. 
We don’t know how the new normal might look like and how it will feel.
We do know we’d like to get there together and this platform is here to support you on your spiritual journey through this time.  

Whether you’re asking yourself big questions about what has been happening and where things are going or whether you’re just wondering how to get through the next day, this website is a space for you to help you reflect and pray. You can add your wish or prayer to the Christmas tree or send a prayer request if there is something you’d like prayer for.

This website was created during the first lockdown. We have decided to leave it up here for people who want to use it and please be assured that any prayer requests you send in, will be prayed for. 

Coronaprayers is an initiative of Hendrik Klaver. Hendrik is a pioneering minister in the Church of England based in the Malton-Norton area.

Currently we are working towards the launch of a new initiative for people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Would you like to find out more or are you interested in helping shape this new initiative? Please contact Hendrik Klaver using the contact form.