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Would you like to light a candle for someone who is ill, someone you miss seeing, someone you’d like to encourage or even one for yourself?

Here you can light a candle anytime. We are joining you in prayer!

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People with long-covid

We pray for people who have long-covid: a group of people who are not very visible but whose symptoms don’t go away after a few weeks but stay for a long time or whose symptoms that come and go over an extended period. Your (nick)name: Henry

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Keith Mcblithe

pray for you , Keith. pray that God has the cure. Just around the corner, in his toolbelt. It will be over soon. Your (nick)name: Mark

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Fathers and families not together today

For light in the lives of fathers who – for whatever reason – can’t see their children today on this fathers day and for children who are not able to see their fathers. Your (nick)name: Jade

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For encouragement at this difficult time. Your (nick)name: Paul

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Praying for good health for John and against loneliness in this time where it is not easy to meet others. Your (nick)name: Henry

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Sadly my sister was taken from us in the early hours on the Feast of the Ascension of The Lord. May she rest in peace and rise in glory. Your (nick)name: Graham

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I pray that she may find God’s strength and compassion to look after Daniel who has returned home from a long stay in hospital and is very confused and at times hurtful to Shelia. Your (nick)name: trish

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I am sorry you can’t go to school. God be with you when you miss your friends. Your (nick)name: Henry

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We pray to the Lord for his safety and protection as he is in shielding to protect him against the Coronavirus. Your (nick)name: Paul

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