Bible Adventure Bags Malton
Go on a great Bible Adventure this Summer!

*** UPDATE: We have ran out of Bible Adventure Bags. It is now possible to sign up for the September Bible Adventure Bags. ***

The Summer holidays are here! Are you going to go away on holiday or are you going to enjoy a staycation in beautiful Yorkshire?

We have put together some Bible Adventure Bags to help you have great Bible Adventures wherever you are. Some of the activities you can do outside or inside your home. For other activities you will need to go out for a walk or you may go to the beach!

We hope you will have fun doing this as a family. We’ve done all the preparations for you and made sure all the materials needed are in the bag. To help you stay safe, we quarantine the bags for 72 hours before delivery and deliver the bags wearing gloves. 

Do you live in or near Malton and would you like to receive one of our Bible Adventure Bags? Please complete the form below and we’ll add you to the list of families receiving these Bible Adventure Bags!

We post videos and other content to our private Facebook Group. You can ask to join here:

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