We are living in strange times.
What is happening in our world today?
How do we stay sane in the midst of this crisis?
And where is God in all of this?

Whether you’re asking yourself the big questions or whether you’re just wondering how to get through the next day, this website is a space for you to help you reflect and pray. You can light a virtual candle for someone else, pray for your locality,  or send a prayer request if there is something you’d like prayer for.

There is also the opportunity to support each other and meet online for evening prayers during the week in the livestreams on our Youtube channel. Please like our Facebook page to stay in touch (search on Facebook for “Coronaprayers Ryedale) or click here.

This website is an initiative of Hendrik Klaver. Hendrik is a pioneering minister in the Church of England based in the Malton-Norton area. This website is here to support you – whether you consider yourself religious or not – in your spiritual journey. We can’t meet in person during this time because of the Coronavirus but would love to hear from you and connect with you online.

Keith Mcblithe

pray for you , Keith. pray that God has the cure. Just around the corner, in his toolbelt. It will be over soon. Your (nick)name:

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For encouragement at this difficult time. Your (nick)name: Paul

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